wedding collections collections with colors

1. If your woman catches you looking at another
woman, turn to her and say "sweetheart, I am
glad you don’t dress like that.”
2. Worlds parents are confused. They'll beat their
kids with the intent of making them cry and then
start beating them again to stop them from
3. Guys, When A Girl Say You Are The BEST
MAN In Her Life, Don't Be Surprised To See
Yourself Standing Beside Her Husband On Her
Wedding Day.
4. The downfall of A Man is when he falls in love
with a woman close his mother in age
5. Guys always complaining about girls that are
looking for Rich men, you sef hustle and be a
rich man let girls find you too.
6. Very soon mtn. airtel. idea will be Like Do you
know there are people in your village that don't
want you to succeed?
Quickly text "thunder fire them"to 33505.
7. if your boyfriend is like 10 years older than
you, just stop calling him baby. and start calling
him: Uncle Bae, Brother Boo, Sir Baby
8. Those that use spoon to eat are our major
problem in this world
9. It is only in this world that you'll see a notice
board say "man wanted with 40 Years
experience, must be aged 25.
10. Being a good person is like being a goal
keeper,no matter how many goals u Save...
People will only remember the ones You missed.
11. India has never been to the World Cup
because FIFA won'tallow them sing and dance
for 20 minutes after every goal.
12. Girls please Your boyfriend should not be
your source of income everyday. Cos it's only a
relationship, not a job opportunity.
13. someone will just die with an Afro in Nigeria
movie and his spirit will come back with a low
cut. So Barbing saloon dey that side?
14. Strangling your wife for making indomie as
dinner is not domestic violence, it is self-defense
15. How Can You Chase a GIRL for 4 Years. Is
she your University Degree?
16. New ways of crossing roads in Nigeria, check
side ways 4 motors, & look up 4 plane crash, & wedding collections collections with colors
look down 4 bomb, & look back 4 kidnapp, and
now run zig~zig 2 dodge bullets..!!!
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