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Chapter 27
Zion's POV
It had been two months since I was seeing Claire. We often went out for dinner on Saturday nights and hung out every Sunday - going for a run in the park, attending mass in church, taking Jordy to the vet, doing errands for her aunt Abby's wedding, shopping, watching movies and other things. I loved being with her often.
We kissed. We cuddled. Yeah, it was not enough but I had to keep in mind that we were building our relationship again, taking things slowly, doing one step at a time.
It was Saturday and I took her out for dinner again. She looked stunning as always, often took my breath away. Tonight she was wearing a conservative black dress that covered her body from neck, arms and a few inches down below her knees. Even though she was not showing more flesh, she looked even more sexy and seductive to me. Her beautiful hair was up in a bun, emphasizing her delicately carved facial bones and smooth glowing skin. twist wrap bridesmaid dresses
"Where are we going to eat?" She asked when we got inside my Lamborghini.
"You'll find out later." I gave her a teasing smile and turned on the engine of the car.
"Why? Is it a surprise?"
"It is."
"Oh! I love surprises." She muttered as she settled on the seat.
We arrived in our destination. I drove through the opened electronic iron twin gates. A security made a salute gesture as we passed him.
"Where are we? Is this your parents' house?" Claire asked. The heavy lashes that shadowed her cheeks flew up.
I just smiled at her. I did not want to spoil the surprise.
"Oh... You should have told me. I could have baked some cookies for everyone."
"It's okay. Just relax." I squeezed her hand.
"I'll try..." She sighed heavily, then looked at the house again. "This house is so huge and beautiful."
"You like it?"
"Of course. Living here would be like a dream."
I looked at her and gave her my brightest smile. Her answer made me so happy.
Claire's POV
The house was more beautiful in the inside. The furnishings were stylishly classic, original and timeless.. The chandelier in the living room was breathtaking, sparkling like diamonds. The victorian sofa set was elegant and genuine. There were antique ornaments, authentic figurines and vases, finely crafted furnitures and carpets.
I could not help but took a spin in the living room. I was overwhelmed with its beauty.
"Where's everyone?" I asked Zion.
"There's no one else here but us."
"Oh..." I was trying to process what he said. "You mean they're in a vacation?"
"Who?" He moved closer to me, lacing his hand to mine.
"Your family. They live here, right?"
"No." He answered, raising my hand to his lips, kissing my knuckles.
"So... who lives here?"
"Me." He said, giving me a distracting smile.
We had dinner by candlelight at the gazebo, surrounded with a garden of beautiful flowers. The scent of the petals mingled with the air. A romantic violin and orchestra were playing our favorite songs. The foods were delicious, the desserts were heavenly... the wine sweet and light. It was a perfect night with Zion. He made me feel so special... and I love him so much.
After dinner, we had a slow dance. My feet seemed to be drifting along on a cloud as he held me close to him. His touch made my body tingled with excitement. Oh God, help me. I inhaled sharply as he pressed me closer, holding me tightly. His hands skimming my back and my waist, building arousing feeling inside me. The occasional jolt of his thigh brushing my hip made me catch my breath.
I felt drugged by his clean and manly scent. I buried my face on his chest. I could hear the irregular beating of his heart that matched mine.
I looked at him and saw the burning passion in his eyes. "Zion..."
"Claire." He planted a soft lingering kiss on my lips. "Let's go inside. I want to show you something."
"What is it?" I asked.
"The tower."