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There are these other Somalians i know in kwamhlanga. They own 2 shops (they are doing very well) and One property business.
These people make a lot of money daily.

They live in 2 Rented apartments in pretoria that don't Cost over 4K (Together a month). They drive 2 Imported cars and look so simple.
Their businesses are forever improving every Now and then because of their reinvestments....

One of the main reasons their businesses won't die or struggle is because they are living below their means.

They can afford to live in Pretoria at the most expensive townhouses/Flats/Houses.
They can afford to buy BMW's & Merc's.
They can afford expensive clothes.
They can afford to blow money unnecessarily but Instead, they are focused on building sustainable businesses and making sure all the necessary things are covered. Their Children dress cheap but attend expensive private schools.

If we Black South Africans could adapt the same mindset,we would actually Thrive. We don't need to live large just to be seen. Owning a business does not necessarily mean you should start having expensive habits. Having a job does not mean You should he Careless with money. spaghetti evening gowns

If you earn R15 000 it doesn't mean your lifestyle should cost you R15 000. Why not earn R15 000 and live like you make R8000?

Living below your means will ensure that you never lack even when times become tough.
Most of our people are living at the edge of Chaos.
All their money is eaten up by their lifestyles and don't have money for unforeseeable circumstances.

Try it out!