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Thanks to Vivian Keeler for sharing this! Although I am on sabbatical, this information is too important not to share:
"If you are asked/required/forced to have a c-section, here is a consent form for a forced cesarean. It's a brilliant idea created by Dr. Stuart Fischbein, OB/GYN. The consent form, which can be printed and taken to the birth facility, documents that the woman does not consent to the surgery, that ACOG's guidelines allow for vaginal birth in these situations (such as breech, VBAC, twins), that ACOG's guidelines forbid the use of force or coercion, and that the hospital will be responsible for any complications due to the surgical birth, both short- and long-term. Dr. Stu has graciously invited everyone to download, edit, and distribute his consent form." short length sexy wears suitable for a wedding