prom wearing which backtrack to 1920

1. Favorite smell? Pine Sol
2. Last time you cried? November 3rd,4th, 5th........
3. Favorite pizza? Pizza hut
4. Favorite flower? Don't have one
5. Favorite animal? None,
6. Did you go to college? Yes and got a couple of classes left
7. Untie your shoes when taking them off? Yes and no
8. Roller coaster? Yea
9. Favorite ice cream? Cookie's and Cream
10. Shorts or jeans? Shorts
11. Favorite sound? Heavy Rain
12. What are you listening to? Maxwell
13. Favorite TV show? The Wire
14. Tattoos? 2 but about to get one removed
15. Hair color? Been a min, cant recall
16. Eye Colour? Brown
17. Favorite food? Spaghetti, Lima Beans, Dressing, Hamburgers
18. Favorite holiday? Christmas
21. Beer or Wine? Beer
22. Night owl or morning? Morning
23. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday if i have to pick one
24. Do you have a nickname? "D"
25. Favorite season? Fall
26. Favorite place to get away? My Room
27. Missing someone? Everyday
28. Dream vacation? Drive the East Coast top to bottom
29. What would you do if you won the lottery? Open a Community/Rec Center. prom wearing which backtrack to 1920
30. Regrets? Of course
31. Middle name? Don't have one
33. Would you move to another state? Yes!
34. Ocean or lake? Ocean
35. Who do you think will do this?It's something to pass time

I had some down time between shifts James Patton Jr.