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The banana cake hangover from hell...

So yesterday the GF and I decided to have a chilled out day.

It's our last few days in Copenhagen and as much as it is an incredible's bloody expensive.

So eating in yesterday we put together a mini roast dinner and I've got to say it was pretty epic.

Our first 'pre-Christmas' roast dinner.

Now I'd fasted all day as I knew my activity was going to be a little lower than normal on this trip.

But after our roast dinner I got this sudden urge...

(It was actually a massive urge!)

For something sweet.

I don't know if you ever get this too?

But it's where after a main meal you don't feel satisfied unless you've had some sort of dessert.

So with sugar on the brain we wandered to the local shop 2 minutes down the road.

I had a tonne of calories left for the day and low and behold I ended up coming back with a bloody banana cake.


I sank the whole thing.


The result?

The worst night's sleep I've had in ages and waking up feeling like I had a hangover.

And it reminds me of days in the office when people wound bring in boxes of Krispy Kremes to go around.

You'd sink them all excited around lunchtime but by 4PM you'd be in a terrible state.

Leaving you with savage brain fog and motivation to do pretty much - NOTHING for the rest of the day.

That's why at this time of the year it's so important to get some extra activity into your day (preferably in the morning) for two reasons:

1. Obvs to burn more calories

2. To stop these huge festive meals and dense calorie foods interfering as much with your sleep and general energy to actually go and do something. off the rack wears for bridesmaid

So be careful out there folks and get some exercise into the earlier part of your day to avoid the 'banana cake hangover'

I won't be doing that again any time soon...