mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

My Sister's

" for I have sent you like sheep's among wolves"

The above statement is credited to Jesus Christ in one of his sermons to his disciples before his departure to the world to come.

How true is that statement?, daily I see the validity of the statement not just for its spiritual implications but for its application in our contemporary world.

Do I need to tell you again that aside a few men who value and deeply understand the importance of women to our world, the rest considers women to be a burden to bear just for the sake of giving birth.

If you can recollect this song by Mi featuring Wake titled One Naira.

In that song Mi chronicled the life of the lady who does not know her worth, aside been cheap she is also chopped like biscuit.

Your sexual preference is of your own making but how insulting is it to see men pass you over after chopping you like biscuit.

This is why for the next 31 days I will be dishing out loads of wisdom at no cost. Please don't mention.

Let's dig now;

Rich but not ready

Dude is every ladies dream, he is rich, handsome and has the money to make you feel loved and a sense of a bright future.

Nobody wants poverty so before you start living the gospel of marry a guy you can grow with, know that there is nothing wrong in marrying a rich guy.

The rich guy falls into two categories; he is the son of a rich parent or he has achieved his current status through hard work as such he can be said to have built a future for himself.

He is every ladies dream no wonder you melted the day he introduced himself to you, you could not wait for the first outing and the second and the number of outing became uncountable.

The only challenge is that dude is not ready to settle down and no matter how good your sex service is, he is not ready.

To him, life begins at 40. To this end the talk of marriage is not one to consider, he likes the status you bring to his life, the red carpet gown makes you look like a goddess not to talk of your naughty sex but he is not ready. mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

So in your thought you thinking, well maybe if I get pregnant or I do more house hold chores, he will begin to see reasons to.

This I doubt because at the end, he might begin to feel trapped and if he is not ready, he is not and unless you are not also not ready, you might need to have a deep rethink.

Keep him as friends but extend your search, go out as time and opportunity avail you but be clear on what you want and desire.

Again, try to disabuse your mind of that notion that any rich guy just want to get in between your legs, better with a rich dude than a poor soul.

In this case, it is the rich but not ready guy that is our focus.

I will in the coming days discuss more of this, till then enjoy your waiting days

I believe in you and your reality.

PS: please change the rich and irresponsible to rich but not ready.