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Yes they are!! It's as good as this so called "Child care Reform." Golf Whitlam, brought in free child care for everyone. Australia thieves. OWING nothing when Fraser stole government. Unlike Whitlam, this GOVERNMENT gave billions of dollar's out too Multinationals, befitting Bankers, OIL & Gas, mining companies and their wealthy shareholders. Then blamed the labor party again, like Abbott's Co and Turnbull. It didn't suit the Bankers not to have a country without a deceit. Australia owes as much, equal to the great depression at the moment. Tax payers are paying out billions a day too all these multinational shareholders. Just like they did in the "Great Depression." This cycle of greed keeping people poor only helps the Military, people control, suppressing of people. And the very reason the wealthy get wealthier. It's as simple as that. A Royal Commission? That would just show how FILTHY political leaders really are. The largest theft of Taxpayers dollars, was from the Indonesian Prime Minster. Stealing over 1. 5 Trillion Dollars. Nothing was done. That's how happy these people are, to keep people poor and on very low wages. mother of the bride or groom dresses with jackets