mixed color for bridesmaid wear of two tone


Hey friends 3:11 Ministries here in Midland is looking for size 12 and up Prom dresses! They take all sizes and had a drive but they do need some larger sizes. So all my friends that have nice prom dresses or dresses that y’all may have worn as a bridesmaid in a wedding or dresses your kids have worn to be in a friends quince, just sitting in a closet and would like to donate them let me know! I can go pick them up this weekend from you myself! The Perfect PROMise is a GREAT event! For more info on it please go to their Facebook page! mixed color for bridesmaid wear of two tone Janette Florez Lyles Eloy N Tracy Valles Irene Munoz Ana Marroquin Evelyn Victorino Cisneros Elizabeth Gonzalez Liz Castro Jessica Barela Desiree Herrera Gabriela Sanchez Kristen Hollimon JoAnn Valles Tiffany Reeder Kurtz Leah Buck Alex Monique Jill N Darin Clements Neomi Luna Alvenda Christina Ortega Amanda Mooney Pulliam AngeLuv Marie Marie Reyes Gonzalez Sam Jo Allison Clements Traylor Kate Williams Arasely Luna Kimmee Brandon Amanda Griggs Birden Karyna Sánchez (Carina Sánchez Cruz) Ibefel Franco Bianca Munoz Jandy Reyes Robledo Bonnie Luna Angela Aguirre