long Floor-length prom formal wears in red

Ater # Uber , # Ola shows its colours today. They booked my individual trip with another person. The driver, Subrata Sengupta initially said he's on my way. I could track my cab WB23D 6063 coming my way. Suddenly it took a detour literally 1 min away from my home. I called him again. He told him that he got two booking. He then went to a different person who had also booked his cab. On calling #Ola, the girl could not find another available car to reassign. I lost more than half an hour and stranded without a car to go to office. I am terribly late today. Thank you #Ola. Your fake sorry only sprinkle salt to my injury. Keep them to yourself. You make Bhavis and Ankit proud. long Floor-length prom formal wears in red