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# College_prince_and_I
_" i wanted to be the first to tell you " he suddenly added looking inside my eyes.
There's always something about looking at people right in the eyes. It's special .. Fascinating, and magical somehow ..
At that time .. I could see my reflexion in his black as night sparkling eyes .. Even in the December cloudy days. I could see my greyish shadow inside of them.
I wondered if every time he looked at me this way he could see his reflexion in my light brown eyes too.
When he gives me this glance.. He makes me wonder if i'm really willing to hate him for my eternity.
_" it's better this way .. At least you saved me from an encounter with that old thing"
_" your relationship with your grandparents is that bad?" He wondered.
_" well, i hate them even more than i hate YOU .. So you can tell your self".
_"ummm" he twanged before starting the car again and delivering me home.
So to enlighten you as why i was so calm even knowing i had to marry in few days.. the fact is that certificate and el fatiha are only official statements. I wouldn't be called married until we have a marriage ceremony.. The big party where everyone from the costal north to the deserts in Algeria will know that we are bonded with a sacred rope . little bride dresses
And of course i don't think we're having that before years to come .. Or maybe never. Because all they needed is a marriage certificate.
So my job is about to finish..
The exams soon started .. I did well at some subjects .. Not so in others. Overall i did ok.
When we finished .. I had to think about my rushed marriage in a about a week.
My "amazing" grandmother planned for everything as usual.
She bought me a classic dying pink outfit .. Again i had to ask "WHY" should i wear pink whenever i had some official thing with that moron!
And that's it ..i only had to dress good .. Hold my ID . and go marry at the mayor's building.
It was a cold sunny Tuesday of the first week of our holidays.
Two big cars came took me and my family to my grandparents mansion. So as to dress ..put make up and what's ever in there.
Of course my grandmother had to invite some of her "clichèes" old ladies to show off her grand-daughter's reunion with a big name.
Even my uncle was there with his Spanish wife.
And he looked so much like my father that he made me glance at him unconsciously several times.
I don't hate my uncle. I actually used to like him.
When i was a little Barbie .. He used to take me with him to some of his dates . of course to show the girls he had a soft part of him or whatever. Anyways .. I really enjoyed those outings.
He would buy me any toy that i asked. Take me to the zoo .. To play in public gardens.. To restaurants. He was so creative when it came to women Who he changed like he changed his shirts. He even had to ask me to help him flirt with some of them saying at instant :_ " your so adorable!"
_" i wish that you be my aunt"
_" soon marry my uncle and bring me children to play with"
And then i shall receive a new barbie doll from him as a reward.
I remember the day of his marriage when i was eight. My grandfather made him marry some Spanish heiress that he've barely known of course.
She spoke spanish .. He spoke arabic. And both were too lazy to learn a language in common.
They even had to bring some woman to translate to them both.
And i swear my uncle started flirting with that translate in front of his bride.
I wondered if the translate had to live with them after their marriage.
When my father died .. My uncle was in prison for some robbery case for two years. When he went out of prison .. It was too late for everything.
He came visit us as soon as he was released. I was about fourteen at that time ..
He went directly to my brother's room .. Hugged him ..and started crying soundly like we never saw him do.
He asked my mother to give him few of my father's shirts if she still had them . when she did .. He held them carefully between his hands, smelled them .. And then cried for hours.
I never hated my uncle because he was the only one in that family to mourne my father's loss.
Even if he ditched us after that and never came back again.
He finally approached me with his Spanish wife and said:
_" you've grown up so much and so beautifully my little Lulu, congratulations for your wedding .. I wish you all happiness"
I smiled in response .. And he went in his way again.
We went to the mayor's building after that .. We found the prince and his family already waiting for us at the entrance.
They greeted me and my relatives .. The prince gave me a bouquet of flower. And we stood there waiting for the couple before us to finish their arrangements.
I felt so envious.. Looking at the newly weds happy faces .. They where holding each other's hands .. And blushing. Zagharid ( means high long kind of beautiful screams that women make to express joy and proudness) were all around them ..and everyone was congratulating them happily. I would never have that.
When it was our turn .. We entered the room seriously like attending some conference. The office responsible or what ever his job called asked if we consent . we said yes and signed papers.. My brother and Amire's father signed as witnesses.
No way i'm having that greedy old man to sign as a witness to my marriage!
When we were announced husband and wife .. The people inside the room applauded .. Yes, like we finished some lecture .. Or had an acting show. Not like we were just married.
I went straight up not even looking at the prince .. I went to my mother who held me in her worm embrace asking:
_"are you ok?"
_" i hope so"
Mrs Belaid .. My father-in-law .. Invited us outside to a banquet. And so we went ..
They hired some photograph, so they wanted us to pause and take some pictures first before eating.
The prince stood right beside me .. Making me realise what a huge difference of height we had. Even with me wearing heals.
Because first .. He was tall
And second.. I'm so short that my brother's T-shirts i wear all time look like a dress on me.
Anyways . we took lots and lots of pictures. I tried smiling at some .. And i just couldn't in others.
The photograph then asked me and the prince to take few ones together. So we did.
We stood beside each other like robots. And took few pictures.. The kind you can put as a photo to your passport easily.
The photograph seemed like throwing his camera and cursing us.
The impatient pour finally decided to intervene.
And asked us to look at each other . we did .. It was the first time i had a proper look at the prince.
And again he did his eye to eye thing making me confused. He held my hand tightly that i felt the blood cut from my fingers. P,s : the photograph didn't ask him to do that!
I don't know for how long we froze in that position. But i think it was for so long that the photograph gave us a smile of satisfaction after taking a thousand different angles of us
_" stop holding my hand .. You're making me feel disgusted" i hushed . " you don't have to do all what the photograph says. Let go of my hand"
But he didn't .. He tightened his grip even more.
I turned to see our families .. They were eying us with joyed faces ..hopefully thinking that we may have a "happy ever after", that made me even more envious and sad, so I said sorrowfully:
_" look at them.. Thinking we might get along afterall .. Only god and we two know that we are destined to be enemies."
I was looking at them when suddenly the prince leaned down making the distance disappear between us.. Closed his eyes. And kissed my forehead!.
I was so shocked that i froze on the spot only hearing the photograph's million clicks on the camera.
He kept kissing my forehead like forever .. He wouldn't get him self afar.. He didn't consider what others would think of us!.
I only could feel his worm lips on my forehead skin.. And his quick breathes running like a soft breeze through my hair making it tickle me.
I wanted to pull my self but he held both my hands between his. Preventing me from going.
And this .. Ladies and gentlemen.. Is a detailed description of the world's longest and weirdest kiss on a forehead.
After that, i felt a water drop on my cheek. And the prince then pulled his self away.
I thought it was the rain.. But as soon as i looked at Amire . i knew i was wrong.
His eyes were red .. And he nervously wiped his cheek trying to put a smile.
But i could see it .. He cried. And i saw The ultimate sadness in him.
It was worse than that night when he drove us from hospital.
And worse than the day he felt his ring in his finger in my room.
This was the saddest look the prince ever gave me.
And when i held his eyes in mine. Trying to understand why ..Tears filled them even more..
I didn't know why he was so sad all at sudden.
And why on earth would the almighty prince cry in front of me. While kissing me..
But somehow.. For some reason .. My heart ached me too. Ached me so much.
# to_be_continued
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