latest best collections dressed for prom party

Please share with, and invite, friends: People have been asking about hours, well here is your chance to just show up without setting up a time prior: Sunday and Monday, Dec 3-4. From 6-11 PM. You can come other times, but you'll need to set up a time with me first. The books will be packed up at the end of that week. Do you want to stock up on excellent books for the winter months? Want to buy yourself or others some great books, for all ages, as chanukka gifts? Hundreds of children's books for all young ages, as well as stickers,activity packs and games. Over 1100 books of all genres, for all ages, in both English and Hebrew! There are more books than when it started, so no need to worry about that at all. Come browse, there is something for everyone: Quality fiction and non-fiction of all kinds such as: Law/medical/military/psychological thrillers, romance, drama, Judaica and sforim, historical fiction, teen fiction, children's books, non-fiction, cookbooks etc. There will even be a selection of sci-fi,fantasy and comics for those that missed this most recent sale. latest best collections dressed for prom party
This is one of the BEST Jerusalem book sales! High quality books of the hottest authors today! An amazing selection of older and newer books.
LOCATION: Masaryk 4, entrance A, ground level, the door says Arye on it.
PRICES: Novels are 15-20 shekel. Most Non-fiction is 15-35. Most Children's books are 5-30. Keep in mind that this is NOT a book-swap, though if you have good condition fantasy, sc-fi or comics, you might be able to get credit towards the sale.