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Ellen DeGeneres Hi Ellen, I'm writing to you to tell you about this special person in my life and our kids life. My wife, Angela Yang, she is an amazing person, she works so hard, retail life, we don't get to see her much, especially around the holidays. We have been together since April 2010, we moved in and went to college together, no one to help support us, just the two of us. I was 27 and Angela was 19. Along the way, the stress of college and working full-time to take care of bills and help with student loans, we were okay, we survived. Then came our first beautiful baby girl Chloe Kim Yang, she arrived on August 3rd, 2012. Being full time students, and our unexpected gift, I dropped out of college to watch and care for our daughter and work when Angela wasn't in class to take care of our expenses, all I wanted was Angela to focus on school and pursue to finish with no setbacks. At the time we were both pre-med students at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. There was a lot of new things to learn, becoming parents while in school and managing our day to day. I remember long nights and no sleep. One of my great memories, was dozing off on the couch while Chloe was in her bouncer, it was just minutes, but Chloe dropped a bomb, and there was baby poop all over, she was covered from the waist down and every inch of the bouncer, I wasn't able to save that, it went straight to the dumpster. With the stress of being new mom and dads, life, work, responsibilities, Angela couldn't keep up with the pre-med degree anymore, she finally graduated with a Bachelor in Human Development in May of 2015. After all the hard work, she chose not to walk at her ceremony and accept that $67,000 degree that she worked so hard for. She was pregnant with our second little one, Arianna Skylar Yang. Arianna popped into our lives on July 15, 2015. And here we go, falling in love all over again to another beautiful princess. Its been a great ride so far, a little uneven in the house now, 3 girls to 1 guy. But my girls are always happy, cheerful, silly, full of life, these 3 love to eat everything daddy cooks for them!
Last year, I lost a great person in my life, i lost my best friend, my hero, my dad. My dad left us on May 29, 2016, Memorial Weekend use to be about getting together with family, bbq, and laughter and fun times, now it wont be the same anymore. My dad was truly a great man, he had this biggest heart and always preach to me and the siblings to be good people in life, he said when your living, just do good, learn to be good, help and love one another, just love one another. Over the last year, I have been depressed, I'm not even sure when it started, I know I was suffering with insomnia, couldn't sleep until 3, sometimes 4 in the morning. I gained a significant amount of weight, food was the only thing that made me happy, but I went from 160 to 185, I always told myself I would be able to control it, then came 195, then 205. I couldn't shake out of this funk I was in, I had too much pride, I wouldn't express how I was feeling, I couldn't let my younger siblings know their older brother was struggling with the lost of dad, I had to be strong for them, so they wouldn't be depress. My father died, in his home, he was battling esophageal cancer for a year and half before losing to cancer. I was taking care of him at home with hospice care for the last two months before he died. I remember that day he died, my sister just got to the house, and I went to take a shower, because i haven't shower in a couple days. When I got out, family that was over, kept repeating that my dad wasn't breathing anymore, I rushed in, my dad's last wish has to make sure his oldest son held him in my arms when hes was about to leave. And i missed it. He said to hold to me, I don't want to be alone, after I go, keep holding onto me until my body goes cold, then you know I am gone.
The last few months, I have been a horrible husband to my wife. I try to recollect myself and see where it all went wrong. October 15 was just Chloe's Fall festival, and we took the girls trunk or treating all weekend October 28 and 29. Ellen, I become the nagging bitchy house wife. I work full time, I work for Spectrum Charter, I maintain relationships with a number of apartment complex and I promote Spectrum tv, internet, and voice services and people who are moving in, interested in setting up services or had question would just call me. My wife works full time as an Associate Manager at Coach. Her schedules usually 8-5 or 1-10, compare to mine, I have more flexibility to care for the kids, I don't really clock in, I'm salaried paid, I put in the time, and meet my numbers monthly. I love my job, I can work from home most days of the week. I can drop off Chloe at her bus stop and pick her everyday. I can take Arianna to work with me, only having to visit 5 properties per day, it would only take 3-4 hours. So my day to day is drop Chloe at the bus stop at 805am, then Arianna and I head out to visit property managers, and be back, always gotta get back by 347pm to pick up Chloe. Then I finish working from home until about 7pm, thats when I would stop taking phone calls for the day, while being the caregiver to our kids. We do homework, we read, we eat, do everything from ABC's to arts and craft to playing at the park. Everything from the kids, to making dinner, doing laundry, working from home, making sure their bathe and ready to go to bed by 930. It was a lot of juggling to do. But, again I didn't see it until now, if Angela works 1-10, the kids are already in bed by the time she's home, if days she was working 8-5, she get home, and instead of asking for help, I would nag at her, can you do this, do that, why aren't you helping me??? And I did it day after day, not one time did i ask my wife "how her day was?", "are you hungry?", not one day that I welcomed her home with a hug. I was the nagging bitchy housewife, I am a bad listener. I remember November 6th, my wife came home, she had tears, she had a rough day, her manager gave her a hard day, telling my wife she wasn't good at her job, and telling the coworkers not to listen to her, because she didn't know what she's doing. I remember I didn't listen to her and I was trying to solve it for it, telling her its okay, her managers just doing this and that because she is in control, she wants to have the power. My wife is excellent at her jobs, she loves it, she loves meeting people, she can read personalities and sell you exactly what you would love and not just something to make a sale. She's been working so hard the last year and half to manage her own store this coming year. green color selections for cocktail
On November 21st, she came home to a horrible husband, I had blew up on her, on a purchase I saw on our bank statement. And continued to nag her to help me, with the house chores, with the kids, with dinner, etc. It was not a great night, Chloe, Arianna, and I went to bed in our room, and my wife slept on the couch that night. The next evening, my sister wanted to talk to my wife, so the kids slept at Grandpas and I spent the night at a friend's house. I got up early on the 23rd to come home to apologizes to my wife, because I knew I was wrong. And I have to own it, I was a nagging bitchy housewife. Thanksgiving was ruined because of my actions, we went to her brothers house for a couple hours and came home to my sister thanksgiving dinner and barely spoke. Friday came and Saturday came, and we still barely spoke. She was off Sunday, November 26th, my wife asked for a divorce, she said I love you, but I can't be with you. I was devastated. How did it all go wrong, so fast? 8 years together? 2 beautiful girls? My wife has been staying at her brother's house since November 29th. We needed a break from each other, we need time to heal? Since she's left, I focused on work and the kids, we haven't communicated, call or messaged each other.
I don't know where it all went wrong, I've been thinking for days. Again, I am a horrible husband Ellen. We just got married legally this year, April 15, 2017. When I tried to apologize for my actions November 23rd, I remember I told her, when it comes to college back then, Angela was a great student, I always admired her work ethic, sometimes I would have her help my papers for me, when it comes to being a worker, she excelled at it, at Coach, at White House Black Market, I mean she can make a $1000 sell to one person. And I remember I said, but when it comes to being a mom, you're lacking, and when it comes to being a wife, its poor. Did I really say that? It makes complete sense why we didn't talk the next few days after that. I was suppose to apologizes, but at the same time, I was putting my wife down. Its been a difficult year, dad was gone, depression, work, the kids. I failed my wife, I never put my wife first, I didn't serve my wife. I wasn't the man, and was the nagging bitchy housewife.
It has been empty without Angela here, we do what we do to get by our day with. Chloe, Arianna and I have been praying every night since she's left, to come home. My wife is mad at me, and i've been horrible. Theres no excuses for my action, I can't say I was depress, blah blah blah. I wasn't a man, a man my wife would be proud of, a man that respected my wife. Is this it? This can't be it, she's just mad at me......The last eight years have been good, bad, ugly, we gone through hell and back already. We've never given up on each other. We have goals and dreams together. This is truly the biggest adversity my wife and I have faced. Life has been hard, its beaten us up bad, we still student loans to pay back starting in 2018, 67k is Angela on top of my 34k. There's no way we can walk away from this beautiful family, because of me. I love her. I miss her. She's hurt. I'm hurting. Can the day just pass, can we jut fast forward, I just want to see how your day was? No talks about yesterday, no talk about yester-years.
Ellen, I need your help to give my wife the biggest apology ever!!!! Please bring my kids their mom for Christmas!! I ruined Thanksgiving already, I don't want to ruin Christmas!! Ellen help...