flower girl outfits of tulle

Last night I went with my best friend to buy her Mother of the Bride Dress. Boy did we have fun. It got even better when wo got up to the cashier to pay. The original price of the dress was 369.00 . It was on sale for 126.00 then it had another discount I paid $39.98 with tax it was a total of $43.00 we both looked at each other in awe like what just happened. flower girl outfits of tulle
So we then went down stairs of Dillard's and she found her shoes to go with it . And the original price for them were $79.00 and she ended up paying $18.00 wow what a steal .
We had a blast shopping at Dillard's if we were to pay full price would have been $369.98 +$ 79.00 =$448.96
However we spent total of $61.00 so we saved 387.58 wow what a bargain Kris Russell dam we did good. Oh and guys her dress is beautiful. Kris u have to post a pic.
I enjoyed shopping with you had some most needed best friend time.