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Vanity upon vanity, everything is vanity.

The human body after death.

*3 days after death, finger nails begin to fall;
*4 days after death, hairs breaks out of the skull and all body hairs fall;
*5 days after death, the brain starts to sag, the flesh fades, the buttock, breast, penis, Vagina, will decay (those things that normally drives u into sin, hmmm) fall season bridesmaid collections
*6 days after death, the skin begins to noircir and gradually detach from the bones;
*7 days after death, the belly melts and radiates a strong odour beginning with a gaping mouth and a genital organ appealing the marauders;
*60 days after death, the whole human body is reduced to nothing bones;

-So therefore;

Why too much pride?
Why too much selfishness?
Why too much hate?
Why too much jealousy?
Why too much evil deeds?

Man is a dust and must surely go back to the dust to help the land to be fertile.

Why not give your life to Christ as your personal lord and saviour?
Do u think that u are the owner of yourself?

Why not humble yourself?
Why not love your neighbours?
Stop those selfish acts?

You are only living by God's grace.

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