cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

Friends from Nagercoil..

Disclaimer: This is just about only one doctor and not a post in common.

A friend of mine recently went through cessarian delivery. Immediately the newborn was reported to have inhaled meconium (the first poop of newborn). A famous child specialist in nagercoil made a big scene saying the baby is very critical and charged a lump some amount for treating (reality was a drama like Ramana movie). This is not the only case, this doctor makes money out of newborn in lakhs for no reason he admits neonates and bills in lakhs. cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender
However due to economy status the parents decided to take the newborn to Asaripallam Medical College neonatal ICU, where the child was saved by simple treatment.

Nagercoil is well know for medical facilities but particularly this specialist is money oriented and plays with lives of newborns.

This is absolutely my friend's personal experience.
Please spread this awareness to your family and friends of Nagercoil. Kindly save the newborns in your circle, your money and peace of mind. I have come across doctors like gems, who are genuine and render selfless services. But this doctor is a real Blackhawk amidst doctors of Nagercoil.