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31 days left to work towards my goals I set for myself in the beginning of 2017, one goal in particular I set for myself was to open myself my heart up to others. For years I've had insecurities of being myself or opening up fully to others. I've always felt inadequate for various reasons. I'd try different ways to open up but It didn't feel sincere. So because of this I chose to be stand offish towards developing relationships and or allowing them to grow. It was easier for me to just stay focused on my wife and kids and keeping my life private, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But something in my heart told me that I need to work on opening up towards others in order for growth to happen . So I set a goal this year, to be more transparent to others about who I am and what I am. I could not be concerned of what others may think of me . I simply set a goal to be open, honest and frankly to get my head out my ass. cocktail party selections in coral
Vulnerability does not come easy especially when I know it comes with judgment but it was a risk worth taking for me .
I feel like it allowed me to grow spiritually, and in all aspects of my life from my marriage to my parenting and also in my friendships.
So I encourage everyone who struggles with these things to just simply be yourself and trust the process. Don't allow self doubt from allowing you to follow your heart. Just do what you're affraid to do. I encourage you to.