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are u suffering from spiritual problems? are u facing problems like this
1: spiritual marriage
2: promise and fail
3: traveling problems
4: someone owning you
5: tupke
6: want fast selling?
7: fertility ( want to give birth)
9: looking for job
10: want to help ur friend or family member to stop drinking or smoking?
11: sexual weakness
12: spiritual and physical asmah
12: for boys /girls
13: command ring
14:spiritual money, fiscal money and instant money
15:commanding power
16: ASram
17:browsing help
18: working pal
19:need money from someone
20:looking for a missing family
21:want to consult the dead
22: want favour or want people to like u
23:want to attract men or women?
24: gun and knife medicine
25: gun and knife protection
26: All kind of protection and
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