champagne or beige wears for flower girl

I received this in a text today....and I had to share! I must say, just in the last 2 years, Life has punched me in the gut over and over again...However, I smile a little more, laugh a little louder and make each and every day a tad bit better than the day prior! With each punch, I swear my heart gets bigger! I have experienced SO many blessings and learned an incredible amount about life and myself. I can totally handle anything that is thrown my way... I will ALWAYS get back up and stand taller and stronger than before. I will never give up, and always work my fingers to the bone... Why?? Because I have 2 of the most amazing little humans watching me! With that being said, I need a vacation like nothing other! Lol!! champagne or beige wears for flower girl # Bringit # Dareya # 2018willbemyyear # Dontbelievemejustwatch