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Once again, just as with Anita Hill having to stand alone in her fight against sexual harassment (where were the "MeToo's" for her?), a black woman has to be the sacrificed goat. A 70+ year-old African American 25-year career Congresswoman gets sentenced to prison over $800,000 in misappropriation of funds with her charity. Not to say Corrine Brown shouldn't pay for her crime, HOWEVER...

For years, the Clinton Foundation has been milking the system for MILLIONS, probably BILLIONS of dollars, lining the pockets of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea instead of it going to the charity. Much evidence, yet no Atty General would ever prosecute. Why? Why? Because the scales of justice are never even. And let's not talk about the Clintons' millions of $$ in speaking engagements. What are they talking about?

Just another sure sign of the disparity facing blacks in America. smh. When will these black politicians learn they cannot play the same games as the others? They think they're privileged like their colleagues until...

And for the life of me, I could never understand why blacks called Bill, their "black president." Really? Just because he had swag and played the saxophone with some sunglasses? I'm still perplexed over that one. Did Bill the Black Pres invest in any drug-infested projects in our country's inner-cities, along with these broke-down school systems, bringing them out from destruction with some of that charity money? blue mother of the bride dress

How is this chasm between the haves and have-nots allowed to grow exponentially, while our people just snap their fingers to the latest rap artist, or cozy up with some comfort food and Netflix like everything's fine and dandy? Ok. I'm off my soapbox.

One more thing...The Dems should never have fixed the primaries for Hillary to beat Bernie. Our young people knew what they were doing by backing him. My generation, and the older ones, I guess have just gotten too comfortable waddling in the swamp. Ok. Now, I'm really off my soapbox.