Dorris Wedding tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

This is the end of the $18.000 luxury car market. Luxury car makers have been using 3D SLS printers for over 15 years now charging exorbitant prices and promoting the worship of gas guzzling and mass expense and status. Meanwhile car companies make huge Profits from providing Vehicles for Terrorists, the defence industry and to cover this up the rich cut their tax and increase taxes on the middle class while financing tax credits and telling us the budget pays for services, social programs and tax credits (Corporate Welfare) These technologies have been available since the late 70's with the development of the highest performance catalysts of the time for hydrogen fuel cells. The Terrorists- the Bush crime family and the House of Saud stitched up the American government to maintain the global oil Monopoly and to untether the Dollar from the Gold Standard so Dollar creation via the US national workers public savings and selling them to the Saudi Nation/Royal Family. Dorris Wedding tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

What we see today with the fighting between the Saudi Family Factions is a bloated royal family increasing in size and princes and the Competition for dominance through who can order the most brutal campaigns globally for influence and criminal control.

This has been financed by the financial terrorists on wall street. Multiple coverups including the 28 Pages classified material from the 9/11 commission report have been simmering for a while now- the attacks were designed to protect the petrodollar and prevent the emergence of a Carbon Economy- One of the planes directly hit Cantor Fitzgerald- Global treasuries insurer handling 90% of US treasury trade- The other was the finance department of the Pentagon investigating the missing 2 Trillion in defence dollars- the emergence of the internet threatened public global oversight of US defence spending and US regulators were increasingly flexing some muscle to get to the bottom of defence procurement corruption.

Instead we got the attacks and the installation of the Department of Homeland security. Now the Homeland is under totalitarian threat. If we are to win the war to save the environment and the biosphere we have to end the current credit system through Zero Marginal cost technology and remove capital regulation out of the City of London and Washington- This means that Governments needs to be sacked.

Zero Marginal Cost technology and Carbon Negative commodity consumerism needs to be the central Impetus of any new Global First World leading Nations- Politics as ideology is obsolete when this principle is fully and implemented in totality. All National consumer advertising should be banned entirely and replaced with Zero Marginal Cost manufacturing promotion- all shocks to the industrialised system can be sustained through national coordinated planned spending programs I.E. Western GREEN NEW DEAL. The West Should come together as a single entity to implement this goal.