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Tis nearly the season of "I'm bored" so here's some ideas to keep your teenagers occupied. They'll be glad to go back to school!

Ideas for bored teenagers:
1. Invent a new Christmas cake recipe
2. Design a winter collection for the high street or catwalk. What are benefits of new versus recycled materials?
3. Top up your maths skills using hegarty maths videos on you tube
4. Classify some galaxies on galaxy zoo website
5. President trump has been accused of ill treating women he met over 10 years ago. Should there be a time limit on how long between an event and an accusation being raised in court? Should we let bygones be bygones or should justice have no time limit? Discuss
6. Design a wedding dress for meghan markle
7. Design the "perfect" sledge
8. Why is weather forecasting in britain so hard?
9. Write a letter in support of a political prisoner via amnesty international
10. Do the online consultation forms for the closure of Northamptonshires libraries.
11. Investigate the social conditions around Jesus's birth. Why was there no room for mary and Joseph as Joseph probably had family in bethlehem (mary being pregnant and unmarried probably had something to do with it). Shepherds were the lowest of the low (like gypsies). Why announce god's son to them first and not the ruling classes? 50s vintage style wedding selections calf length
12. The wto met in Argentina recently. Who are the wto, what do they do and why do they matter?
13. Make a cup of tea for your mum :-)