1930s wedding dresses

China scenes, vintage glass magic lantern slides. (ca. 1910s-1930s) magic lantern slides of locations, landmarks and people in China by photographers T.H. McAllister, William H. Rau and others. Including views of the Great Wall, pagodas in southern China, portraits of Liu Hung-Chang, Deacon Lee and family, young boys at school, actors in costume, farmers irrigating rice fields, house boats in Canton, teachers, Buddhist monks outside a flower temple, women in traditional dress, ancestor worship, a rice mill, floating bridges on the Ya river, men sailing on a bamboo raft, agricultural workers in western China carrying bundles of tea leaves to market, men carrying large baskets of goods in Szechuan Province, a village in Yichang, prisoners in stocks, farmers in Yunnan province, the Lolo people in Szechuan, children at Sunday school, foot binding, a bride and her mother-in-law at a wedding, the Imperial temple in Nanking, a group of women dressed for New Years, a garden party, a Mandarin and his sons in Szechuan province, sawmill workers in Kia Ting, and scenes of daily life and labor. Exhibiting cracks, scratching and paper loss to borders. 1930s wedding dresses